Air Conditioning Faults – An Australian Analysis

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In a first ever analysis that has been carried out in Australia (and possibly globally), Refrigerants Australia conducted an analysis on Air Conditioning Faults. They engaged with an independent consultancy firm Expert Group, to conduct this analysis.

The purpose of this report is to resolve a few uncertainties: namely, how often do faults occur in the installed base of equipment, with a particular interest in where these might lead to increased energy use. The Australian Federal Government is undertaking related research to determine the consequence of faults. Once both sets of data are available, a projection of the consequences of poor service and maintenance practices can be made, and policy options considered. This is essential for Refrigerants Australia’s commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from this industry while continuing to support the efficient and cost-effective delivery of the essential services and comfort conditions that the industry provides.

Research for this study involved interrogating our database, which is one of the most substantial and centralised databases of air conditioning (AC) system maintenance and repair work orders in Australia. Grosvenor Engineering Group’s (GEG) database (which was established in 2000), contains millions of assets across tens of thousands of buildings involving in excess of 1,300,000 work orders. It is a central part of GEG’s asset management for their clients.

Download a copy of the first ever Australian Analysis of Airconditioning Faults, conducted by Refrigerants Australia

Download a copy of the first ever Australian Analysis of Airconditioning faults, conducted by Refrigerants Australia