Sectors and Projects

We manage technical assets in a range of properties across multiple market sectors. Whether you’re after maintenance of your HVAC, Fire or Electrical systems, or design, construction and refurbishment of these hard technical assets, we have the expertise and experience to support you.


Create a safe and comfortable environment for building occupants, while lowering energy and operational costs

Optimise operations
Protect people and property
Enhance comfort
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We can directly assist in increasing Green Star and NABERS ratings for building managers. Our adaptable and flexible services will ensure building/property owners and managers are providing their occupants with a comfortable, productive and safe environment at all times.

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A positive, comfortable and safe shopping experience

Business continuity
Protect people and property
Enhance shopping experience
Minimise costs through increased energy efficiency, and maximise sales by ensuring service continuity of your shopping centre, and the comfort and safety of customers.
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Data Centres

Protect critical insfrastructure, mitigate potential downtime and minimise risk of unforeseen outages

Mitigate Potential Downtime
Determine the Root Cause of Incidents
Operational Sustainability
Data Centres
We understand that critical infrastructure sites like data centres host organisations’ most critical IT solutions and is ultimately where ‘The Cloud’ lives. With so much at stake, the focus when servicing these sites is always driven by processes to mitigate risk.

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Ensure the safety and comfort of students and staff, while lowering energy and operational costs

Optimise operations
Protect people and property
Create an inspiring place to learn
From primary schools to universities, educational institutions are places of learning, social interaction, and community. We understand that the right environment can enhance learning, ensuring classrooms, lecture rooms and other spaces are comfortable and engaging. Importantly, we can help to ensure the safety and compliancy of your school, whilst operating efficiently to maximise a buildings performance.
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Mitigate risk and ensure compliance in your healthcare facility

Comfort for patients
Protect people and property
Reliable operation of critical MRI assets
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The comfort of patients and medical staff is paramount in hospitals and clinics, and the reliable operation of cooling equipment supporting critical MRI and other medical equipment cannot be compromised. We can proactively maintain and service operational assets, reducing risk and mitigating chances of unforeseen reactive breakdowns.


A great customer experience without the disruption to services

Business continuity
Protect people and property
Optimise operations

Ensure your venue is safe, operates efficiently and that there is no disruption of service, especially during an event. Whether a stadium, entertainment venue, club, casino, gallery or museum, you want guests to leave having had a positive experience and a great time.

exhibits and metro retail solutions

Hotels & Accomodation

Keep guests comfortable while keeping costs down

Guest comfort
Energy efficiency
Optimise operations

A great stay and a great return! Increase guest comfort, increase staff productivity while reducing operating costs and maximising energy efficiency. And importantly, ensure the safety of guests, staff and visitors.

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We have experience servicing and maintaining:

  • Correctional Facilities
  • Banks
  • Factories and Manufacturing plants
  • Warehouses
  • Large venues and sporting facilities
  • Civil Infrastructure and more…

Whatever your outcomes are, find out how we can help you achieve them.