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Core Services

We provide a fully integrated service offering that is focused on achieving tangible outcomes for your facility. Our full suite of core technical services for HVAC, Fire and Electrical assets are augmented by a range of advisory services focused on asset validation, condition auditing, sustainability and analytics. These are offered to customers requiring support for both new and existing buildings.




Engineering Design

Advisory Services


Our auditors consistently capture data on each asset and can customise your maintenance schedules to suit asset lifecycle and individual requirements. Unique asset identification allows our technicians and engineers to inspect/test/maintain and report on each asset individually.

Benefits of Auditing


​​We offer PropTech solutions through our technology partner – Syntric, which help advance operational technology.

Syntric is a leading PropTech service provider for the commercial, retail, high-end residential and industrial sectors. Through Syntric’s services, we can deliver tailored solutions to fit your organisation’s needs, delivering the best outcome for your organisation. Cyber Security, Networking (ICN or BSN), IoT Integration, Analytics and return-to-work strategies are Syntric’s core competencies. Syntric solutions we can deploy are:

Cyber Solutions

OT networking

IoT Integration


Touchless Access Control

Clean Air Technologies

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Cyber Cloaking Technology

We have exclusively partnered with Tempered Networks (Tempered.io) to launch Grosvenor Cyber Solutions (GCS) to provide a cloaking security technology (Airwall) offered as a managed service. The service targets operational technology ecosystems for businesses, government organisations and property owners who are concerned about cyber risk and managing assets more securely. Read More

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We make networks invisible

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Benefits of Airwall:

  • Zero Trust Network Access. Nothing outside or inside is assumed safe unless all connections are continuously verified
  • Micro-Segmentation. If a facility is compromised, the BMS/BAS could be accessed via the lighting controller and move laterally across to HVAC, Access Control, Back Up Power Generators or into IT environments. With M-S the elevator controller can only talk and see the elevator segment. All the other segments are invisible even with remote access
  • Host Identity Protocol (HIP). Not IP based and not visible = public part of an RSA 2048 bit key pair encrypted military grade
  • OT Network’s and OT environment’s are Secure and Invisible