About Grosvenor Engineering Group (GEG)

More than 800 talented employees power our business. With over 25 years of continued success, our specialists deliver outcomes and long-term value for building owners, managers and occupants.
Our headquarters are in Sydney, Australia and we have another 20 offices across Australia and New Zealand. Here’s a list of our locations.
Maintenance, repair, construction and design of HVACR, fire services and electrical services are the mainstay of our business. In addition, we also offer advisory services and PropTech services.

Yes. We maintain and repair residential air conditioners from our Air-Rite (Nambour, Qld), Hardings HVAC & Refrigeration (Spreyton, Tasmania), and K-L Air (Tamworth, NSW) branches.

To promote efficiency, comfort and safety, we have the expertise and experience to service technical assets across various commercial sectors. Here’s a start:
  • Offices
  • Retail
  • Data centres
  • Healthcare
  • Education
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We’re purpose-driven to enrich people’s lives by transforming the built environment. By being agile, curious, proactive and data-smart, we continually strive for safety and wellbeing. These values are our non-negotiables:

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We’re proud of our all-in work environment and believe in a fair go for everyone. While our wider industry does struggle with gender balance across roles, we stay accountable through the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA). As a result, our gender pay gap is well balanced and with regular reporting we continue to contribute to improved gender equality outcomes in Australian workplaces. Learn more
We encourage Indigenous Australians to apply for all positions. Our inclusive environment is a vital part of our success and we support the self-determination of Indigenous people as a path to strong communities. We’re proud corporate partners of Tranby National Indigenous Adult Education and Training and partner with the University of New England (UNE) to create opportunities via our GEG Indigenous Scholarship. We’re also members of Supply Nation, which aims to strengthen the Indigenous business sector. Learn more
Sustainability is more than lip service. We actively minimise our environmental footprint with our everyday actions: increased energy efficiency, lean business processes, reduced resource consumption and waste elimination. We are part of the FluoroCycle initiative which helps reduce the buildup of landfill mercury by recycling waste lighting. We also have a 5.5 star NABERS rating for our Sydney headquarters and continue to lean into greening opportunities. Learn more
We support numerous charities doing great things across Australia including the Cancer Council’s Biggest Morning Tea, R U OK? Day, White Ribbon Day and Sydney’s Suicide Prevention and Recovery Centre (SPARC). Our local business units also support community initiatives from the Liverpool Men’s Shed to the Tamworth Pirates Rugby Club. Learn more
We value every person – the proof is in our moral and ethical practices. To enact our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we’re equal opportunity employers and uphold all fair labour practices. Our guidelines set our engagement standards, we only partner with suppliers who share and demonstrate a safe, fair and sustainable working environment and action social responsibility. None of our activities directly or indirectly violate human rights in any country. Learn more


  • H is for heating which stops spaces from becoming too cold
  • V is for ventilation which provides fresh air and prevents spaces from feeling stale
  • AC is for air-conditioning which stops spaces from becoming too hot or humid
Learn more about heating and cooling HVAC systems and how they work.
GEG provides air-conditioning service and air-conditioning installation, maintenance, repair, construction and design work for all HVACR assets within a commercial building. Our services for commercial air conditioners include:
  • HVAC system and equipment
  • Cleaning and remediation
  • Ductwork and ventilation systems
  • Car park ventilation
  • Indoor air quality monitoring
  • Specialised chiller team
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We offer maintenance, repair, construction and design work for all fire safety and protection assets within a commercial building. Services include:
  • Fire detection systems and alarms
  • Automatic fire sprinkler systems
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Special hazards
  • Exit and emergency lighting
  • Fire compliance
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Our expert fire compliance team is certified and ready to confirm your building or property meets all relevant state or territory regulations. A robust fire protection system is essential. Visit our local certification requirements section or discover the five step process to achieving fire compliance.

Our specialist fire engineers will guide you through fire suppression systems for special hazards. They can also identify the risks and advise you on the safest level of protection for your needs. Get more information on fire protection services in terms of ‘special hazards’ and how to manage them.

With extensive fire asset management and related technology experience, we cover the entire life cycle of fire protection and safety assets. From construction, maintenance and service to compliance and upgrades, we offer end-to-end fire suppression solutions. Learn more about fire safety regulations and fire reforms.


We offer electrical maintenance services, electrical repair, construction and design work for all electrical assets within commercial buildings and industrial contexts. Services include:
  • Test and tag appliances
  • RCD testing/electrical safety switches
  • Infra-red thermal scanning
  • Special hazards
  • Exit and emergency lighting
  • Electrical lighting maintenance
  • Energy management and BMS
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If you’re a building owner, facility or asset manager, audits are a vital tool for improving profit and efficiency. Your critical building services and infrastructure are a significant capital investment so regular auditing is a key element of strategic asset management. Effective maintenance programming, operational and capital expenditure planning give you grounds to better manage your assets, compliance, safety, risk and reliability. Get a heads-up for any potential failure points and be proactive rather than reactive. Audits are a natural part of the life cycle assessment of each asset and relevant infrastructure.
Your audit provides a complete building safety and compliance review referencing the relevant Australian building codes and standards. As part of any built environment audit, we identify existing building safety and building compliance issues. As a building owner, meeting your duty of care means pinpointing current hazards and risks that could potentially reduce the health, safety and welfare of building occupants and maintenance staff. Prevention of exposure to a high degree of potential future risks directly impacts your productivity and profitability.
Grosvenor audits offer independent compliance, risk, condition and financial planning services. Our audits are effective, efficient, high-quality and tailored to your needs. We offer four levels of auditing services, from a detailed asset validation to a comprehensive assessment of technical services. We offer audits on a range of different building services: fire, HVAC and refrigeration, BMS, electrical, solar, plumbing and safety services. We can also assess and report on building fabric within your property.
An audit of your building services gives you data to determine the current state of all your building assets and services or an audit of property plants and equipment. It’s an essential starting point for short and long-term maintenance and capital expenditure budgets. This tool allows you to project viable and economical solutions now and in the future.
With a level 3 or 4 audit of your properties, you’ll gain a full review of system operation, get advice on your current energy consumption and guidance around strategic improvement and initiatives. We do this by reviewing your existing building services to find opportunities for optimisation. This focuses on reduced running costs and potential upgrade solutions for a better ROI. Audit reporting assists building owners to discover how their services operate and are controlled, make more informed decisions and strengthen planning. Learn more


BEEC stands for Building Energy Efficiency Certificate. Firstly, this document indicates your building’s energy saving performance using a NABERS energy rating. Secondly, it confirms that a tenancy lighting assessment (TLA) is needed, which measures the lighting performance within office tenancies. To obtain a BEEC, both a current NABERS rating and TLA need to be active for your building.
It all depends on your building type. If you’re advertising or leasing over 1,000 square metres of cumulative office space, it’s likely your building requires a BEEC. If you’re unsure, a CBD NABERS assessor can advise you.
A NABERS rating is a standardised efficiency rating conducted on multiple building types. The most common ratings are energy saving and water performance with other rating types like indoor environment (IE) and waste also growing in demand. NABERS ratings are usually performed on office buildings and shopping centres. However, the scope of buildings this rating can now grade includes apartments, data centres, hotels, public hospitals and residential aged care and retirement living.
BEECs are only valid while both a valid NABERS energy rating and TLA are active for your building. When complete, a NABERS rating is valid for up to 12 months but you only need to renew your TLA every five years. In practice, a BEEC is only valid for a year at a time.
It’s true, you may not need a rating if your property is NOT an office building. However, a NABERS rating is a standardised method that measures your building performance and provides a nationally recognised tool for comparing your performance against similar energy efficient buildings across the country. By actively maintaining your NABERS energy rating, you confirm your company’s active commitment to reducing its environmental impact. At the same time, you set a reliable benchmark that you can constantly improve on and potentially save thousands on utility costs. NABERS ratings also contribute valuable points to global sustainability performance reports such as Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB). Learn more

HVAC Engineering Design

Our dedicated design team supports you with HVAC refurbishments and construction projects. To enable more energy efficient buildings, we upgrade and retrofit old and obsolete HVAC assets to improve the performance of your buildings in terms of energy savings and occupant comfort. Services we provide include:
  • Section J compliance
  • HVAC system modelling
  • HVAC system design
  • Reverse briefs
  • HVAC equipment selection
  • Value engineering
  • HVAC commissioning
  • Engineering reports
A NCC Section J report is an integral part of any commercial development application. It outlines the energy efficiency requirements of the National Construction Code (NCC). For HVAC maintenance, our HVAC consulting and HVAC designer services include:
  • Assessment of drawings and specifications
  • Preparation of a preliminary performance assessment
  • Recommendation of changes to drawings and specifications to meet BCA requirements
  • Quality check of documents to identify recommended design changes and drawing annotations
  • Preparation of a final performance assessment report
  • Learn more

Building Management System (BMS)

Our BMS team specialises in integrated control and monitoring solutions and analytics services.
The advantages of installing structured and dependable BMS controls with a proven record are limitless. Here’s a start:
  • Optimised maintenance
  • Building security and lighting
  • Optimised plant and equipment life
  • Optimised building energy management system
  • Comfort of occupants
Our nationwide BMS team implements integrated building management across 19,000 properties and multiple market sectors. With an 800-strong workforce, we can tailor technology solutions to your facilities. End-to-end integration of your operational technology (OT) systems gives you central control to turn information into actions. Data-driven maintenance lets you solve problems before they become problems. Our building energy management system service helps customers:
  • Modernise and remove proprietary controls
  • Improve systems monitoring and control
  • Facilitate building tuning and optimisation, leading to improved energy outcomes and ratings
  • Reduce operational costs and improve tenant comfort
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Careers at Grosvenor Engineering Group

We value our people. As a successful, growing ANZ business, they’re our most valuable asset, an exceptional team that continues to make things happen. Meet our employees.

We have numerous employee perks att GEG. Our employees have access to novated leasing plans, car discounts, domestic travel offers and discounts on tools. We also offer subsidised flu vaccinations, flexible work arrangements and professional development opportunities.  Learn more

GEG offers positions in a variety of departments across many locations within ANZ. Learn more.

We believe in balance and encourage everyone to find their work and life footing. Our flexible working arrangements vary from role to role but we make it happen where we can.  Learn more

We update our job openings daily. Search to see if there is a job that suits your skillset.