Independent Community Living Australia (ICLA) has commissioned contractors to start the refurbishment work on New South Wales’ first non-clinical suicide prevention and recovery centre (SPARC) located in Bondi. The Australian Government is providing seed investment of $1.25 million towards the project, which is developing and trialing a new service providing support and care...

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Harnessing Data To Manage Risk In The Built Environment

The built environment comprises rich streams of data with much of it remaining invisible. Capturing and properly harnessing this data will allow building owners and occupants to better manage risk and create ‘smart’ buildings. The advent of IoT technologies is accelerating the collection of data, enabling greater insights into how buildings operate....

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Space as a service: flexibility and freedom

The office-space rental market is undergoing a fundamental shift, from the hitherto inflexible leasing of a fixed amount of space for a fixed period of time to something that better complements the dynamic nature of many 21st century businesses. Grosvenor Engineering Group Managing Director, Nicholas Lianos, explains the new phenomenon—‘space as a service’—and discusses the opportunities this offers...

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Australia’s largest office and education supplies retailer, Officeworks has engaged Grosvenor Engineering Group (Grosvenor) to implement a national electrical maintenance plan, which for the first time will review its total asset lifecycle costs to increase efficiencies and return on investment across its national portfolio. The electrical maintenance contract will monitor 170 sites...

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