Grosvenor Engineering Features on the Latest NORA Showreel

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Grosvenor Engineering’s Managing Director Nicholas Lianos recently had a candid chat with retail association NORA founder Paul Greenberg on the convergence of technology in the retail sector. They spoke about how retailers could get more out of their assets and improve the overall customer experience through the use of data and the Internet of Things (IoT) deliver better outcomes in the retail space.

“The pressure on retailers now is greater than ever. The bottom line is that online shopping has meant that people are coming into a retail environment looking for an experience.  The retailers are looking to provide more complex tenancy fit-outs, a great example being restaurants. That is increasing their costs yet profit margins are being squeezed. We can help retailers reduce their operating cost, reduce risk, and enhance customer experience.”  

“IoT is great but on its own it won’t give you the cost reductions or necessarily enhance customer experience. You have to utilise the tradesman that’s looking after the asset to better use that data to actually work smarter, faster, better and that’s what delivers the customer experience at a lower cost.” Nicholas Lianos

Watch the full interview.