How to join Grosvenor Engineering Group (GEG): from opportunity to employment

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Are you keen on a personally and professionally rewarding career? GEG’s got the goods. We’ve created an environment where you can grow and thrive and a culture that fosters communication, collaboration and integrity. And we ensure each of our employees has opportunities to learn and develop.

The recruitment process

If you’re interested in a role at GEG, it’s good to know how we approach recruitment. Here’s a blow-by-blow of what you can expect so you can get all your candidate ducks in a row.

Don’t hold back – with various roles Australia-wide – apply for any position that registers on your work radar. For all open roles, apply directly through our careers portal or Seek. First up, our dedicated careers team will review your resume and cover letter. Then, based on your qualifications, work rights, licences and experience, we’ll move to a phone screening or email to let you know we’re not a match at this point.

If you meet the role requirements (work rights, qualifications and licences required) and your salary expectations are compatible with our offering, we’ll call you for a phone screening. Think of this call as a quick, casual chat; a few questions so we can get to know you more. Committed to a first-class candidate experience, we know employment works both ways – we want to hire the best talent and ensure we’re the right fit for you. If you don’t have a chance to answer, worry not – look for an SMS explaining who we are and why we’re calling. Call back when you’ve got time to talk.

Based on your application and phone screening, if there’s synergy, we’ll invite you for an interview. This stage offers the opportunity to get granular on the daily reality of the role with our experts. Expect to be asked a series of questions so we get a feel for your knowledge and experience, where there’s learning needed, and how we can help. Regardless of the interview outcome – we won’t leave you hanging.

If you do get to the interview stage, here are some interview prep tips:

  • Dress to impress; professional but not formal.

  • Put us on the spot – this is your chance to ask us what you need to know. An interview is just work-speak for a conversation.

  • For technical roles, bring your licences and tickets; if we move to an offer, this reduces downtime.

  • Prepare examples of career-defining moments like the trickiest challenge you solved and your best achievement.

  • Don’t hold back – we don’t know what we don’t know.

If everything aligns and we’re right for each other our careers team will call to crack on with reference checks. We won’t contact your references without written permission (telling your current employer you’re thinking of jumping ship? Awkward). Your referees need to be people you’ve currently or previously reported to a supervisor or boss.

This part of the process tends to be the slowest. Give your references a heads-up; they can be hard to catch! When we connect with them, we’ll ask questions about your work, what you excel at, and how we can develop your career.

Safety is a core value. We want to ensure you can safely undertake your new role. Our medical provider will call to book a medical at a time and place that works for you. Your best bet is to complete the medical before resigning from your current role in case something unexpected comes up.

Look out for an email to prompt you to complete a police check – it’s all online and won’t take long. You’ll need 100 points of ID when you submit the check, so get all that info ready before you start.

Don’t stress if we don’t perform a medical or police check – these are provided predominantly for on-the-road roles.

You’ve met your managers, completed the checks, and we’ve spoken with your referees. We’ll call to run through your offer of employment and email your contract and new starter paperwork. Expect a confirmation SMS once it’s been emailed out. They often land in spam.

Review your offer and reach out to our Careers team with any questions. There’s a bit of paperwork to do, so you can email back, stating that you accept the position, and then we can work through documents before your first day.

We build culture from the start. Our video orientation days create consistency and give you time to learn what we do and how we do it. They also let you meet other new starters around the country. These happen once a fortnight in line with payroll. Your manager will call to let you know what time to come in and who to ask for at reception. With over 20 locations in Australia, we want you to feel part of the bigger team.

That’s how it’s done, from employment interest. If you have any questions, please reach out to [email protected].

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