6 Reasons to gravitate to Grosvenor Engineering Group

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A lot of moving parts go into making Grosvenor Engineering Group a great place to work. Generic reasons are meaningless, so here are six real ways GEG stands out as an exceptional employer.

People are at the heart of all our actions. We value each employee for who they are, their talent and their potential. Working together to improve lives by transforming the built environment, we ensure buildings are safe, compliant and comfortable for our employees and the inhabitants of over 19,000 properties.


GEG is an 800-strong team with some top names in building services. Our thought leaders and subject matter experts across HVAC system for building, Fire Safety Regulations, Electrical, BMS, Analytics, Sustainability, Engineering and Cyber Security are second to none. Our administrators, human resources, IT and individual contributors are all valued for their efficiency and expertise.


We prioritise diversity and inclusion as essential to our innovative and productive work environment. In addition, GEG allow all employees to contribute their unique experience and skills, regardless of background. Our people proudly come from all walks of life to work in an environment where everyone feels welcome and accepted.



Reach out to our Careers team via [email protected]: start a conversation and measure our compatibility. 

To make the lives of our employees easier, our dedicated in-house software developers ensure our apps and software are up-to-date and fit for purpose. With over 1.4 million assets under GEG’s management, innovation is everything.

We know you have a life outside work which is why we favour flexibility and work-life balance. Have an office job but want to WFH a few days a week? Let’s discuss!  We trust our employees, so if you have a question – we’re all ears. 

Australia is a varied and diverse place. With over 20 locations country-wide, we value local knowledge and work with our teams to find out how you tick. While each team is tight-knit with its unique culture, the meeting of these teams is what constitutes our national character. Lean on our collaborative culture – if you have a question, you’ll find someone with an answer. If you need to know how we do things in other states: please ask. We hire people with a similar mindset: proactive, innovative and collaborative.

We rarely post high-level roles in the open market because we develop our current employees to grow with GEG. On top of our robust apprenticeship program, we offer internal and external training to maximise employee skill sets.

There are many opportunities to move within GEG. We work to retain talent regardless of which state an employee works in. 

We take the physical and mental safety and well-being of employees very seriously. With dedicated EAP services available to all employees, and an ever-helpful health and safety team, GEG puts employees first.Our stringent safety measures are put in place as we want you to get home safely every time.


GEG maintains a safe, secure workplace with a zero-tolerance policy towards harassment, bullying or intimidation. All managers will step up and ensure our staff are welcomed and  included.

Going with GEG is a no-brainer. We have a lot to offer – find out if we’re a good fit.


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