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The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) has appointed Grosvenor Engineering Group to implement a complete maintenance solution for its heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system.

Eleven of UTS’s major buildings will be covered under the service arrangement.

Michael Brooker, National Business Development Manager for Grosvenor Engineering Group, comments, “UTS was looking for a trusted service provider that is able to identify cost effective ways to eliminate breakdowns and ensure compliance in their buildings. In addition, UTS articulated the importance of a self-delivery model utilising in-house resources without the need for multiple sub-contractors. An integral part of the service will be Grosvenor Analytics and historical asset data to undertake a total life cycle analysis of all buildings.

“An initial equipment audit and asset validation will review capital expenditure forecasts and outstanding issues. High level reporting to cover statutory maintenance and legal responsibilities will ensure all buildings are compliant. The data captured from highly experienced auditors, will provide UTS with a platform to manage asset maintenance tasks and scheduling to maximise return on investment.”

He added, “In-house sustainability experts will also assist and support the UTS team in managing energy use. Grosvenor’s Energy Management Software (GEMS) will be deployed to extract insights into the building portfolio’s daily performance with benchmarking based on NABER’s commercial building rules. The information gathered by GEMS will strengthen UTS’s asset data analysis.”

UTS is a public university and is one of the largest in Australia with a total enrolment of over 45,000 students.

Image: UTS Central Building Photography (Credit Andy Roberts). Photos courtesy of UTS.