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As part of the company’s Indigenous Inclusion Plan, Grosvenor Engineering Group (Grosvenor) has partnered with Indigenous not-for-profit organisation Tranby National Indigenous Adult Education & Training (Tranby) to implement cultural awareness programs across the business.

This is the first time Tranby has officially partnered with a business under its new corporate sponsorship framework. Tranby has over 60 years’ experience in the Indigenous Adult Education space.

Sharon Weedon, National HR Manager for Grosvenor Engineering Group comments, “The aim of the partnership is to incorporate cultural awareness programs into the business and potentially identify apprentices in regional locations. Tranby is well positioned to support Grosvenor’s national apprenticeship program and social responsibility initiatives to mutually benefit both parties.

“We were looking for a partner that would learn and grow with us. The relationship will help the business address the inequality experienced by Indigenous Australians, creating a deeper connection by building trust and respectful interactions in the workplace.”

She added, “The partnership is anticipated to increase the company’s overall awareness about Indigenous communities but also provides an opportunity to ‘give back’ via business mentorships and the sharing of professional skills.”

Blake Cansdale, Chief Operating Officer at Tranby said, “The corporate relationship with Grosvenor is a new way of doing business for Tranby. We are looking forward to assisting their team in planning, designing and implementing socially responsible strategic plans. This partnership will assist us in building our corporate networks, share our history and vital community work.

“In addition, we will help Grosvenor engage in events to be more involved with the Aboriginal community to enhance its community outreach, enrolment and retention of Indigenous apprentices and staff. The relationship will also see Grosvenor learning and networking with Tranby’s community through corporate volunteering opportunities. We will also enrich their cultural capabilities via training programs for staff to create positive community change.”

Grosvenor currently employs several Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and is working towards a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) which Tranby will assist with. RAP programs are an important way for organisations to demonstrate their commitment to activities that seek to empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

About Tranby

Tranby is Australia’s oldest not-for-profit independent Indigenous education provider. It has supported thousands of Indigenous adults through education who have returned to their families and communities empowered with newfound skills. Tranby continues to strive for Indigenous educational excellence nationwide and provide fully-subsidised educational opportunities to Indigenous adults throughout Australia.