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Leading engineering company, Grosvenor Engineering Group has won a tender to implement a state-of-the-art fire management system in the $40 million Pulse Data Centre (Pulse DC), located in Queensland’s largest inland city – Toowoomba.

Grosvenor’s extensive experience working in large scale data centre environments will enable Pulse DC to implement critical processes and improve visibility across fire assets.

John Henderson, General Manager at Pulse Data Centre, comments, “Multiple facts drove our decision to appoint Grosvenor including response times that aligned with Service Level Agreements with clients, ensuring 100 per cent up-time could be met.

“The company’s online portal (ARMS) is a great tool for tracking preventative maintenance and the management team has worked with Grosvenor in the past. They were confident a professional level of service could be delivered that would enhance overall management of fire assets.”

Established in 2018, Pulse DC is a cutting edge, highly resilient, Tier III Uptime Institute-certified large-scale data centre. It is designed as a secure primary site to support corporate and enterprise customers; local, state and federal government; through to global tech giants.

Mitch Edwards, National Manager – Sales & Marketing at Grosvenor Engineering Group, comments, “Several services are being provided including preventative maintenance to all fire services to protect Pulse DC’s people, equipment, assets and infrastructure. Integral parts of the regular testing include fire detection, gaseous fire suppression systems, fire hydrants, portable fire equipment, passive fire barriers, fire rated doors and air handling equipment.

“Recommendations have been made on how changes to the operation of systems could reduce the notification time with emergencies, enabling extra time to respond before problems arise. Grosvenor’s cycle of service innovation process has also been adopted, enabling Pulse DC to have clear visibility of the condition of assets in 24/7 real time. A whole-of-life asset approach is also resulting in operational cost reductions.”

He added, “Grosvenor also follows Uptime operational processes with method of procedure utilised by field technicians on tablet technology, enabling real time delivery of important data collected from the facility.”

Pulse DC holds ISO9001/14001/27001 and 50001 certifications. Its capacity is over 750 racks across six fire separated data rooms as well as a fire isolated power train and support areas with separate fire compartments.

Toowoomba is a hub for diverse fibre routes from multiple carriers along multiple highways in Queensland, providing a very high level of communications resilience.

At an elevation of over 500 metres above sea level, Pulse DC enjoys a safe, mild climate.  All components of the Pulse DC design are optimised for the local climatic conditions which are ideal for utilising extended free cooling capability, thereby providing excellent operating efficiency and power usage effectiveness. Pulse DC is located in the Toowoomba Energy Precinct, a planned future project that will have access to large capacity renewable energy.

The facility is a wholly owned subsidiary of FKG Group, which is a privately owned and operated Australian company employing over 800 staff.