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Australia’s largest office and education supplies retailer, Officeworks has engaged Grosvenor Engineering Group (Grosvenor) to implement a national electrical maintenance plan, which for the first time will review its total asset lifecycle costs to increase efficiencies and return on investment across its national portfolio. 

The electrical maintenance contract will monitor 170 sites across the group’s portfolio including metro, regional and remote locations to ensure they are compliant.

Michael Brooker, National Business Development Manager for Grosvenor Engineering Group, comments, “Electrical compliance is one of the most important aspects of maintaining any property. Our data driven approach and optimised maintenance scheduling will ensure that Officeworks meets all of its legal responsibilities and increases business efficiencies.

“Our extensive experience within the retail sector provides us with sound knowledge to provide optimised maintenance scheduling, ensuring Officeworks will benefit from a cost-effective service delivery plan which is also compliant.”

He added, “Every client’s portfolio is different. We will be working closely with Officeworks to develop customised service profiles that include a recommended mix of maintenance, breakdowns, pro-active repairs and capex to suit any budget, leasing or investment goal.

“Additional advantages of this relationship include reduced accounting processes, unified reporting across 16 Grosvenor offices and one point of contact across the portfolio. A holistic approach will be adopted.”

The electrical maintenance plan includes a technical equipment audit and asset validation by Grosvenor’s dedicated professional auditors, LED lighting upgrade assessments, a value strategy linking root cause analysis to pro-active spending, and in-house self-delivery of performance measures.

Grosvenor’s in-house sustainability team will also assist in managing energy usage and improving efficiency reporting using an innovative energy management software solution which reviews daily usage.