IoT in FM: Beyond the Buzzword

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No longer the new tech on the block, the IoT is revolutionising data with real-time insights into your facility. It’s time to leverage these technologies for streamlined and efficient operations and maintenance.

In the context of commercial buildings, IoT devices have a big job. They can monitor temperature, air quality, humidity and energy to improve remote meter readings, ESG reporting, and advanced data analysis. And that’s just the beginning.

And with the number of IoT devices connected to the internet expected to reach 27 billion by 2025, if IoT isn’t a central part of your FM strategy – giddy up!

A Trendy Snapshot

With technology evolving at a break-neck pace – 2024 sees new trends. To improve your building performance, from energy efficiency and asset tracking to predictive maintenance strategies – real-time monitoring is now a proven cost-reduction tool.

For granular detail about your sustainable performance – Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting software is becoming an invaluable tool. The future is remote, centralised and predictive.

IoT-led FM Trends

Facility management continues to play an expanding part in creating safe, comfortable, and efficient buildings. Here are five ways you can get IoT operational.

Data Analytics

This potent FM tool lifts building performance. Track equipment operation and discover repair and maintenance patterns to halt potential problems before they cause damage. Expose areas where you can optimise energy consumption.

Remote Monitoring

A Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) monitors and gathers real-time data from your Building Automation Systems (BAS) to automatically raise maintenance orders. Economic from a time and cost perspective, this streamlines efficiency and performance.


Data-lock-in issues interrupt data flow between tools and systems. Maintenance work orders go via your BAS vendor, which causes setbacks and stalls scaling. A cloud-supervisory platform joins site-level and cloud-supervisory systems for optimum efficiency.

IoT and AI

IoT devices use real-time data analysed with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to understand current facility use and identify opportunities for improvement. With set parameters, AI-powered FM software prevents downtime by preempting issues, identifying causes and suggesting optimal solutions.

Cloud platforms

Estimates show cloud computing reduces facility operating costs by an average of 40%. They make optimisation and data-driven decisions a real-time reality, giving facility managers centralised access to whole-building data. This allows for analysis and adjustments to increase productivity, fortify safety and save costs.

IoT in FM Benefits

Using leading IoT tech in your facilities management has numerous payoffs. Detect and diagnose faults, use data to drive repair/replace decisions, optimise predictive maintenance systems and significantly shrink operations and maintenance costs. Reduce resources, lift productivity, strengthen safety and occupant experience and automate energy use to reduce carbon footprint.

IoT Implemented

Building maintenance is rapidly becoming machine-led; some facilities have cut costs by up to 30% using IoT. Here are ten ways the IoT makes your building smarter.

Fixed sensors

Placed throughout your property and connected through a wireless network, these drive your building towards carbon neutrality by monitoring HVAC, lighting and other assets.

Room scheduling

Use scheduling tools to optimise your spaces. Get a real-time overview of your building, including which rooms are booked or available.

Stock and assets

Boost efficiency, and get an accurate view of your stock count through NFC tags and QR codes. Track assets and inventory to champion performance with fewer resources.

Safe and sound

The IoT monitors safety systems, seeking and saving real-time data from sensors. Automating processes means inhabitants can respond faster, which is advantageous for large commercial buildings with high occupancy.

Simple storage

Aggregate and analyse data using cloud-based FM software. Economical and safe with customisable UX, you can also use AI to scale your sensors and raise performance over time.

Beacon bonanza

Beacons are the bee’s knees for instant, building-wide communication. Track the location of inhabitants and the function and condition of equipment and verify visitors and send alerts.

Smart meters

These detect gas and water leaks faster and track total resource consumption to reduce inefficiency and avoid maintenance costs and downtime. The Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) recommends a 100% uptake of smart meters by 2030.

Heat and Cool

IoT development boards examine power drawing systems such as HVAC, lights and computers. Use this data to find resource drains and reduce your carbon footprint.

Fire suppression systems

IoT heat-resistant temperature sensors detect fires before smoke or ash. Flag water sources and estimate fire spread and intensity for better control measures and safer escape routes.

Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring and predictive maintenance is a triumphant safety pairing allowing you to examine your assets and find equipment issues before breakdown.


Even when optimised – FM is never flawless. The reality is that issues requiring fast resolution will arise. Here are some FM challenges.

Real-time teamwork

Because teams can’t collaborate using dated FM systems, communication failures result in useless costs and resource wastage. Pair cloud computing with real-time tracking software to collaborate and share data immediately. Accelerate workflow through instant notifications and data-driven decision-making.

Declining equipment

Deteriorating equipment and the flow-on effect of shutdowns, like damage to productivity and morale, is an FM nightmare. Use IoT sensors to track the state of your equipment in real-time; predictive analytics harness historical data to flag maintenance and avoid downtime drain.

Data storage

IBM estimates that over 90% of global data was created in the past two years. Facility managers process colossal volumes of information to make sage decisions. Data isn’t magic – it also needs maintenance like systematic retrieval, automated real-time tracking of data changes and compliance data storage legislation.

Stay secure

Keeping data and people safe requires constant tracking. The IoT offers access to control systems with login-password two-factor authentication, captcha tests and biometric technology to stop cybercrime.

The time is now

For smarter operation – Grosvenor’s Proptech IoT solutions help you better understand your assets, operate smarter, be more competitive and grow your business. Build the agility to make real-time, performance-enhancing adjustments with IoT tools. Your bottom line, occupants, and the environment will thank you.